Smithsonian Magazine Article on Our Work in Petra

General / 21 septembre 2018

The video is a small slice of a MUCH larger data set.  Over 160,000 DSLR images, 20,000 drone images, hundreds of 36k HDR panoramas and Leica P40 Lidar stations tally up to nearly 16 terabytes of raw data.

Read the article here:

Alice Vision - Free Photogrammetry Software

General / 11 septembre 2018

Alice Vision is a new release of open source photogrammetry tools which were created with VFX professionals in mind.  While it is quite slow, it shows a lot of potential.  Be sure to download Meshroom which is the Python GUI wrapper around the Alice Vision tools.

Cloud Compare - Free Point Cloud Processing Software

General / 11 septembre 2018

Cloud Compare is one of my go to applications for post processing point clouds from Reality Capture and Photoscan.  It is robust, powerful and stable, capable of handling point clouds upwards of 1+ billion.  A must have

GOM Inspect - FREE Scan Processing Software

General / 11 septembre 2018

Here is a FREE 3d scan processing software along the likes of Geomagic Wrap/Design X, Polyworks and Meshlab.  It works very much like Geomagic Wrap and doesn't cost $10,000!  The file importer/exporter has some limitations but can be worked around with a little effort.

Re-inventing Oneself

General / 09 septembre 2018


 I am am pushing my personal efforts into new directions and re-inventing my skills to apply in other areas such as cultural preservation, bio-metrics, machine learning, color science and  multi-spectrum imaging.  I am also making an effort to push entirely into free or open source software whenever possible.  Every time I turn in a new direction I like to purge my portfolio and start from scratch.  I will have examples to show in the coming months.