a compREHENSIVE guide to 3d cAPTURE & vISUALIZATION for
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Jeffrey Wilson is a veteran entrepreneur, inventor, supervisor, technical director and program manager with a demonstrated history of leading teams across a broad spectrum of industries including 3d simulation and visualization, location-based experiences, visual effects for film and television, video games and virtual / augmented reality applications. While at Eyeline Studios / Netflix, Jeffrey supervised the design, construction and production of the VES award winning volume capture stage and led the volume capture and environment capture teams consisting of scan techs, stage operators, volume capture TDs and data wranglers for the design, development, operation, capture, and processing of dozens of petabytes of 4D body capture and environment datasets for virtual production. For more information about Jeffrey, feel free to reach out to him on Linkedin.

About the Instructor

Romina V Wilson brings a unique blend of expertise and advanced education to the 3D Scanning Masterclass. She holds a Master’s degree in Instructional Design from California State University San Bernardino, which underscores her commitment to creating immersive and engaging learning experiences.  With a strong foundation in instructional design, Romina focuses on utilizing technology to develop interactive learning environments that cater to diverse learners. Her wealth of experience and advanced education position her to make meaningful contributions to organizations that prioritize innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. For more information about Romina, feel free to reach out to her on Linkedin.

What Will You Learn?

The 3D Scanning Masterclass is the only course you'll ever need. The course will be updated annually as new technology emerges and new techniques are discovered meaning you will rarely need to buy additional coursework. The course is designed for the beginner with no prior 3d scanning experience while providing cutting-edge hardware and software techniques that even the most experienced 3d scanning profession will find useful. A wide variety of hardware and software will be covered from low cost iPhones to expensive enterprise lidar systems and drones. Techniques and technology including photogrammetry, lidar, drone ops, aerial lidar, satelite data and radiance fields will be discussed with step-by-step lessons teaching you about the technology and how they work together.

By the time you complete the course with optional quizes and exercises members will be eligible for a certificate and verification you've completed the most advanced 3d scanning masterclass in the world.

Material Includes

Course Curriculum

The following is a tentative course curriculum for the masterclass.  The course is currently in development and completed lessons will be marked as they become available.  Please note, the course and curriculum is a work in progress and subject to change and without notice.

00. Free Preview Tutorials & Articles (Available Now)

As the masterclass is being developed, some lessons will be released early and available for the general public.  These lessons are to give potential students insights into the depth the masterclass tutorials will cover.  These tutorials will be published on Medium for free and do not require a purchase.

Planning the Scan - Short Form (July 2024)

01. Introduction to 3D Scanning (August 2024)

02. Introduction to Smart Phone 3D Scanning (August 2024)

03. Introduction to Digital Photography (September 2024)

04. Introduction to Lidar (September 2024)

05. Introduction to Drone Operations (September 2024)

06. Introduction to Structured Light Scanning (October 2024)

07. Introduction to Scan Processing (October 2024)

08. Introduction to NeRFs and Gaussian Splats (October 2024)

09. Principles of Advanced 3D Scanning (December 2024)

10. Planning the Scan (December 2024)

11. Capturing the Scan (December 2024)

12. Scan Processing (December 2024)

13. Scan Post-Processing (December 2024)

14. Scan Visualization (December 2024)

15. Scan Post-Mortem and Review (December 2024)

16. Additional Research and Reading (December 2024)

17. Annual Update Topics (December 2024)

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